Shooting —May 30th.2010

   It has been a quite long time since the last time sunshine day, 7days? 10 days?
  Can’t remember, who cares, at least today is sunshine, good for shooting outside!
  Good for us!! Let’s start our tour.

  Search for a nice place for our outdoor beanbags……
  - Where we go?
  A: Follow me!!!
  B: Haha


  Ah, got it, it should be a nice place for shooting, wow, it will be great if we could have a picnic
  here,but it’s a pity, we didn’t take any food here, Opps….. 
  Well, it is quite nice to sit together, chatting and have fun, enjoy the sunshine……


  It is a nice seat, Mr. Gaoqing seems lost himself into the beauty sight, and the soft breeze. 
  Lol, looks a quite comfortable seat.Yes, it is a fantastic beanbag, made of neoprene, well, you
  will see detailed specification on our  website.

 Hey, Boys, any interesting? Seems quite enjoy your seat, you lost in your book, haha.

 Guy: I don’t want to get up.. Can I lie down 1 more min.??
 Lady: come on, darling...let’s go and buy one, I got the website:
 Boys: lol.. GO! GO!! GO!!!


 Lunch break—sit anywhere, lay anyway—MOZAN Beanbag

 After Lunch, we spend one hour in shade, let’s take a sit and chill out.. 


Sleep in the beanbag and floating in the river??? Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, it is!!
                                                                                                       —MOZAN floating beanbag!!!

Throw your beanbag on stones and throw yourselves into beanbag, change the shape as your
body want, have you seen any sofa can be laying in this way?
Yes, for sure no, only beanbag

Poor guy—sit on stone.. Is he asking for relaxing in the beanbag even 1 min?
NO WAY!! Should be the answer.. 

                                                                                                Filmed beside small west lakes
                                                                                                                          Write by Ella
                                                                                                                           May 30th.2010

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