Travel to West Zhejiang Grand Canyon on 24th May


                                                    Whole family of our factory
   Sounded that there is a fantastic scenery,fresh and sweet air,deep and clean water,trees around
   the blue water,flowers are surrounded by green grass,birds’ singing….sounds of creek stream.
   Let’s enjoy this together…….

 Seldom you see them on the stage, for most of time, there are work hard at backstage, but
 they are quite important, they make  high quality beanbag, control the bulk quality……
 Hard work always will bring your good life, hope the smile will be always in your faces.


 It is valley bottom, reservoir, we walk across the reservoir, limpid water, you can see the
 bottom, put your feet in the water, feel the cool in your heart, nice……

 “Guizhou” culture: Dong singing and dancing, bamboo dance……..We fell down for several times
 for this is our first time to play this game… The first guy should be very careful when they are
 walking, they are together, should keep their pace the same, cooperation is very important,if
 one person fall down,then all down….:)

 “Wedding ceremony” of Dong ethic group (KAM)...........before bride and groom go to bridal
 chamber,they should kiss each other until 12:00pm, but between their mouth,there are a little
 bag which will bring your good life and happiness.

 Try to walk in a unbalanced and hanging stakes, hold on girls, challenge yourself.

 Hey, be careful, dangerous, I don’t hope you swimming in the falls, haha, but they looks quite
 happy, ok, that’s the most important thing.

 It is cool to see the waterfalls, like a running screen 



 Legendary  tightrope walker, walking on a high wire,……dangerous and exciting

  Cable car

Over view from the cable car…….

 Went home by the car….say “good bye” to the beautiful mountains....

                                                                                                     Write by Evelyn
24th  May 2010
Hangzhou Mengzan Hometex co.,ltd